Christopher's Bakery Announces Price Increases

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To All Of Our Customers:

First, I want to thank each of you for being a loyal customer of Christopher’s Bakery during our first two years in business. Your satisfaction will always be very important to us and we hope we have been successful in providing you excellent products and customer service.

Our first two years in business has allowed us to conduct market research about our products, customers, competitors and points of sale. We’ve conducted this research in different ways - via corporate sales, farmer’s markets, e-commerce, retail stores, trade shows and wholesale/foodservice sales. This has all taught us a tremendous amount about both ourselves and you, our customers.

One of the things we discovered over this two-year period is that our $25 price point for our Vanilla Wafer Cake is not sustainable moving forward. It worked really well as a proof-of-concept and confirmed our belief that our specialty cake is a viable product in today’s dessert world. Unfortunately, $25 doesn’t allow us to cover all the expenses that come with running a viable and successful business.

Our goal is to continue providing each of our customers - retail and wholesale - with the highest-quality baked goods as humanly possible and to do this, we are going to be raising the price of all our products, beginning with the base Vanilla Wafer Cake, from $25 to $42. This change will take effect on Wednesday, April 11th, 2018.

We do understand this change can be a shock to our customers, both because of the short notice and the amount of the increase, but please know this price increase allows us to be more competitive with other specialty and e-commerce food companies - dessert and otherwise. To ease any concerns you have, we encourage you to compare our pricing to that of other e-commerce dessert companies.

We’re really excited about what’s next for Christopher’s Bakery as a result of our research and these changes! We ask for your patience as we continue to grow. Please make sure you sign up for our e-mailing list (above) to get the latest updates from our company and receive special offers and coupons in your inbox!


Courtenay Harris

Owner, Christopher’s Bakery