SUDEP Awareness Day

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Yesterday, October 23rd, was SUDEP Awareness Day. SUDEP stands for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy and is a fatal condition that affected Christopher. The worst part of SUDEP is the "Unexpected." On that devastating night in February, there were no signs that it would be Christopher's last day with us. Outside of a cold, there was nothing strange about that day. Christopher had seizures almost every day of his life, so any seizure was almost expected, but what wasn't was death.

The last seizure he ever had caused his heart to stop beating and our lives haven't been the same since. We love Christopher and started this bakery as a tribute to Christopher. Through this bakery, we hope to solve the mysteries that are epilepsy and seizures and find a way to stop SUDEP for millions of children and families.

Your cake order helps children and families struggling with epilepsy, seizures, hospital stays, surgeries and SUDEP. You should know that by visiting this website and either ordering a cake or making a donation, you will be making a difference in lives across the world.