Thank You

A Thank You To Our Indiegogo Contributors

In October, 2016, Christopher's Bakery ran an Indiegogo campaign to help us raise funds to get our company off the ground. Unfortunately, we did not reach our goals, but we did have a strong and loyal following of supporters who look to help us grow. Contributors received a perk or reward depending on their donation amount. Rewards ranged from a handwritten note to a donation made to epilepsy research in their name to a free vanilla wafer cake or simply a coupon for an amount off a future cake order.

We can't thank each of our donors enough. As another small token of our appreciation, we wanted to publicly thank each donor (names listed in alphabetical order below) on our website. Always know that Christopher's Bakery is grateful for your contribution to our growth and for helping us remember the little boy seen below. 


Adeeti Goswami

Alysia Kelly


Amy Kubeck

Angel Chaves

Barbara Thompson-Keys

Briana Bianco

Carnell & Dorothy Willis

Clifton Jessup

Daren Jairam

DeRon Fulton

Eva Sanchez

Jay & Danny Holt

Jay Camp

Jeanine Mackey

Jeannie Loyd

Jessica Chappel

Jorge & Ammie Rivera

Jose Santiago

Kameka Britton

Katy Keoveunexay

Kenneth Cruz

Kerry D.

KiAngela Holder

Kim Johnson

Lisa Gleason

Mairelis Jessup

Mayra Ortega

Micha James

Nafis Pickett


Orly Sibony

Pierce Charles Harris

Priscilla Chaves

Serena Wright

Shannon Stewart

Sislyn Thomas

Sonia Chaves

Teresa Saucedo

The Koehler Family

The Matthews

Valerie Marderosian

Vera Regina Harris



In addition, there were several contributors who donated $1 and others who wished to remain anonymous contributors. To you, we also say thank you. There is no amount too small and I'm always appreciative. Whether you chose to remain anonymous or not, your contribution is just as valuable.

I also want to thank Jonathan Nadeau and the Crowdfunding Cast for having me on his show and putting a spotlight on our campaign.

Thank you all.



Courtenay Harris

Owner, Christopher's Bakery